I believe in conservation, I believe in public service, I believe in improving the world around us now to serve our communities and make a better life for our children.

This year the Forest Preserve commissioners (7) will make $375,000 in salary for elected officials acting in a part-time role overseeing Director level staff and ensuring best business practices.  The full health care coverage adds an additional $118,000, plus the employer IMRF contribution costs of $45,000 for a grand total of $538,000

By comparison:

  • Every school board commissioner makes $0 with a benefit package of $0
  • Every park District commissioner makes $0 with a benefit package of $0
  • Most other county Forest Preserve commissioners make a stipend with no benefits
  • Most village boards pay a stipend with no benefits
  • Most police and fire commissioners are paid a stipend with no benefits
I propose that the Forest Preserve Board of commissioners:
  • Abolish any pensions for current and future commissioners
  • Remove any and all health care benefits from the current and future commissioners
  • Reduce the salaries of current and future salaries of commissioners by 70-75% from their current amount
The new alignment will annually pay commissioners $12,500 and the President $20,000 for a total of $95,000, a savings of over 82%!
With the savings of $443,00 each year I will build better facilities; like new modern washrooms at our busiest preserves, bridges to connect trails and communities, and improve our technology infrastructure to help people connect to nature easier.

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